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Focused on natural & organic wholesale beauty products that complement and enhance your skin and hair, using science-backed formulations that won’t hurt the planet.

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  • Established lab with expert formulators ready to tackle your skin or hair care challenges and meet your ingredient, function, and shelf life goals.

  • Broad selection of premium organic beauty products and ingredients available in bulk with no minimum order quantity.

  • Customize a stock base with your choice of ingredients to create a unique and reliable new product without the hassle of starting from scratch.

  • Source your own packaging and labels and we will fill stock bases or custom products on runs starting at hundreds to tens of thousands of units.

Where Do I Start?

Start here if you need a little guidance on what wholesale beauty products or services make the most sense for you.

Where do I Start?
Best Sellers

Find our top-selling wholesale skin care products that are already customer favorites.

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Ready to Label

The easiest and fastest way to start selling skin & hair care. Retail-sized packs of 6 to 12 that are unlabeled and ready for your brand.

Ready to Label
Essential Oils

Order samples to get a feel for products, find your new favorites, and get creative with your marketing.

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Scenting Guide

This quick guide covers the key scenting notes of 47 popular essential oils and includes usage rates of these oils in various products (creams, gels, etc.).

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Cold Weather & Your Products

Insights into the care & handling of your products after they have arrived.

Care & Handling

Our Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability begins with ingredients, and we source sustainably-harvested and worker-friendly products from around the globe and right here in Oregon. We purchase organic ingredients wherever possible and believe that clean beauty goes hand in hand with a healthy planet. Purchase great product from a wholesale beauty product supplier.

We never test on animals (except ourselves!) and are Leaping Bunny certified. At every step of the way we work towards making green choices. From our large solar panel array to our carbon neutral shipping, to compostable packing peanuts, we strive to make a difference every day. Buy from a beauty product supplier that prioritizes health for people and the planet!

See what our customers are saying.

I absolutely love this facial cleanser. It’s a beautiful color and has a very natural pleasant scent. I can see me adding an EO to enhance, but I do not feel it’s required, it’s a great base scent. It leaves your skin extremely clean. My skin feel amazing smooth and soft! It has a wonderful creamy lather! I am ordering a larger size now as I only ordered a sample with my previous order. Every single product I’ve purchased from Essential Wholesale has been above expectations! This company does not disappoint! From the quick shipping to the care in the package to ensure no products are damaged in transit! I am a very happy customer! I know my customers will be ecstatic when I add another cleanser to my line! This cleanser is my favorite bar none! Thank you EW!!


Amazing Product!

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DMAE Mud Gel Facial Cleanser
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