Best Sellers Sampler Pack


Get started with this sample pack of 10 best sellers, covering a whole skin and hair care routine to find the perfect products to add to your line.


Explore our best sellers in this 5-star pack of some of our 10 best-selling products. In this pack there are 10 sample-sized products with a label designed to show you an example of your final retail packaging. Each product is available in bulk sizes, with some in the Ready to Label (RTL) pre-filled packaging (noted below).


Probiotic Shampoo 2 oz  A pollution-defense shampoo with no phenoxyethanol. Ideal for customizing and leaves hair and scalp clean and soft.
AHA Mint Walnut Polish 2 oz  An amazing polish that truly leaves skin soft. Perfect for rough arms and thighs, this polish works minty wonders with its AHA's and fine-grain walnut powder. Similar version available in RTL.
Wild Oats & Honey Facial Cleanser 0.5 oz  A gentle and moisturizing cleanser suitable for sensitive skin. A suite of vitamins make this unscented cleanser a great addition to any line.
Rosewater Facial Toner 0.5 oz  Lightly scented and luxurious, this toner provides nourishing hydration to all skin types. Available in RTL.
Niacinamide Facial Serum 0.5oz  Indulge in this potent and extremely popular serum with an array of impressive ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Avocado Oil, Organic Aloe, and of course Vitamin B3. Available in RTL.
Hemp Lotion 0.5 oz  Deeply nourish and hydrate with this thick lotion righ in the organic oils of Hemp, Neem, and Coconut. Available in RTL.
Moisturizing Body Cream 2 oz This deeply hydrating cream is perfect for the body or as a night cream. With no phenoxy, this cream is rich in organic plant oils and Vitamin C.
Pumpkin Mask 2 oz  Refresh and nourish skin with glycolic acid and vitamins C and E, along with a suite of antioxidants. You can feel this mask working!
Muscle Gel 0.5 oz Soothe skin and provide long-lasting relief with this impressive hot/cold gel that is our #1 best seller. This bright orange gel is available in RTL too.
Simple MSM Muscle Cream 2 oz  Invigorate muscles and skin with this rich cream perfect for post-workout or whenever your skin needs a boost. It uses our excellent Muscle Essential Oil Blend to pack a real punch!


Don't know where to start? This pack is the perfect way to get familiar with customer favorites. Experiment and fall in love with our time-tested favorites, all of which are Leaping Bunny certified and waiting for your creative touch!

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