Glyceryl Stearate SE


Parts Used: Vegetable Oils Vegan Paraben-Free Phthalate-Free Gluten-Free Palm-Free

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Glyceryl Stearate SE - Sample
Glyceryl Stearate SE - 1 lb
Glyceryl Stearate SE - 3.5 lbs
Glyceryl Stearate SE - 7 lbs
Glyceryl Stearate SE - 35 lbs
Made from a pure esterfication of stearic acid with glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate is one of the most broadly utilized emulsifiers in cosmetic formulations. It slows loss of water on skin helping with TEWL. Helps to reduce the greasiness of oils in some products and is also a great co-emulsifier. Best with water/oil emulsions.

Processing: Vegetable derived.

Parts Used: Vegetal

Appearance: Prills, pastilles or flakes

Origin: USA
This product is palm-free.
This product is vegan.
Add to oil/emulsifier phase of formulas
INCI: Glyceryl Stearate
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