Olive Butter


Olive Butter is derived from olive oil (Olea europaea), specifically from the Mediterranean area.

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Refined Olive Butter is created with Olive Fruit Oil &  blended with hydrogenated vegetable oil to modify the rheology to create a “butter” which is soft and pliable. Olive fruit oil inherently contains essential fatty acids, but also contains unsaponifiables as natural waxes/paraffins, which are collected during the refining and deodorization process, and from the squalene production process. Olive Butter exhibits excellent spreadability on the skin, making it ideal as a massage butter or carrier. In cosmetic preparations, the feel and behavior of Olive Butter is very similar to that of Shea butter.

Appearance: Very soft, pale yellow semi-solid.

Parts Used: Fruit

Not for internal consumption.

May be used in all topical cosmetics. Suggested Use Levels: Use from 3%-100% pure (as a butter-like balm).

Ingredient Function: Emollient

How to Store: Store in a cool, dry place.

Soluble in hot oil.

Warnings: Pregnant or lactating people, or those with known medical conditions should consult with a physician prior to using product.
Olea europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

Warning Statements:

Not for internal consumption. For external use only.

Pregnant or lactating people or those with known medical conditions should consult with a physician prior to using product.


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