Patchouli Essential Oil


Patchouli is a musky, dark, and intense essential oil with notes of wood and wet soil.

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The scent of patchouli essential oil is unique and instantly recognizable. Rich, musky, and highly popular, patchouli essential oil has distinct herbal notes as well as hints of wood and damp earth.

Patchouli essential oil blends especially well with herbal, spicy, woody, and earthy scent profiles, and is a great option for formulations geared toward oily skin or hair. This recognizable essential oil can also be used on its own to scent skin and hair care products.

Patchouli is considered to be a base note in scenting blends. Like many base notes, patchouli essential oil becomes darker in color and sweeter smelling as it ages. Because this oil is distilled in stainless steel equipment rather than traditional iron vats (which allow bits of iron to seep in in the process), newer batches will be lighter in color than may be expected. However, the quality is not diminished in the stainless steel distilling process.

Parts Used: Leaves

Processing: Steam distilled

Origin: Indonesia
* 25 lb orders of essential oils will be shipped in HDPE plastic pails. Essential oils should not be stored in HDPE plastic. We recommend transferring the oil to amber glass packaging upon receipt.

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These are basic guidelines for scenting bulk bases with Essential Wholesale & Labs Essential Oil Blends. It is best to begin by scenting a small portion of the base with a low percentage of Essential Oil Blend and to increase until you reach your desired intensity of aroma.

Proper scenting requires some skill and discretion and over-scenting can ruin a base. Shampoos and Gels in particular will liquefy if over-scented and are very challenging to fix. Remember you can always add more but you can't remove the excess.


INCI: Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli) Leaf Essential Oil

Warning Statements:

Not for internal consumption. For external use only.

Pregnant or lactating people or those with known medical conditions should consult with a physician prior to using product.


Please note that our suggested usage instructions are intended to serve as a guide. Due to the unique nature of each ingredient, it is important to always research and consult with a qualified professional as needed, prior to use. Usage guidelines can change and you are responsible for adhering to local regulations. EWL cannot be held responsible for any harm caused due to the misuse of these ingredients.

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