Shea Butter


This shea butter is an exceptionally moisturizing butter that soothes the skin and hair without the inconvenience of shea crystals.

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Shea butter is a highly nourishing ingredient perfect for use in lotions, creams, balms, hair conditioning/styling products, and even for use on its own as a moisturizer. While shea butter is great for a variety of skin types, it is especially beneficial for dry or winter skin, and can be used to smooth rough or dry patches year round. Shea butter is one of the most common and versatile butters that can help protect the skin from moisture loss while reducing dryness.

While typically used on the skin, shea butter is also wonderful for the hair, and can be added to shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and styling products to help add smoothness and shine to dry or frizzy hair. Most varieties of shea butter can be challenging to work with due to the possibility of shea crystals, which can give your product a gritty texture. This particular type is resistant to crystallization, meaning that you can heat this ingredient and use it in formulations with a reduced likelihood of shea crystals.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Category: Butters
  • Ingredient Function: Emollient
  • Used in: Lotions, creams, color cosmetics, hair masks, masks, hair styling products, balms, body scrubs and polishes, soaps, lip balms
  • Solubility: Oil soluble
  • Appearance: Ivory to pale yellow butter
  • Odor: Nearly odorless to light vegetable fat odor

Production Information

  • Derived From: Karite tree
  • Part(s) Used: Nuts 
  • Preserved With: No preservative
  • Country of Origin: Raw material sourced in Africa, manufactured in the European Union
  • Method of Extraction: Mechanically processed
  • Processing: Mechanically processed, refined, proprietary fractionation process, bleached, deodorized

Pro Tips

  • Not for internal consumption.
  • Can be included as an ingredient in skincare formulations or used on the skin at 100%.
  • Helps impart the benefits of shea butter to your DIY skin and hair care products without the frustration of shea crystals.
  • Ideal for areas of the skin prone to dryness, such as the elbows, hands, and feet.
  • Learn more in our blog about Shea Butter and how to use it in DIY Cosmetics
  • Follow along to create your own DIY Eucalyptus Bath Melt using Shea Butter

This product is vegan.

Please Note:

While some of our stock products can be customized with scents, additives, etc., at-home customization should be done at your own risk. We are not liable for formulas that break as a result of customer alterations. Altering cosmetic products is a complex and variable process, and there is not a one size fits all method for the customization of any formula. We encourage you to experiment in small test batches, do outside research before attempting to customize a product, and have your customized product tested at a third party lab to ensure preservation efficacy. If you want to customize our products and are unsure about doing it on your own, we recommend exploring our in-house customization services.

Recommended Usage Rate: 1-100%

  • Lotions & Creams: 3 - 5%
  • Balms: 5% - 100%
  • Bar Soaps: 3 - 6%
  • Conditioners: 2 - 5%

Shea butter is oil soluble and should be added to the melt phase of your formulation.

While this variety of shea butter is resistant to crystallization, we recommend that you still heat the product minimally if possible.

Melt & Pour Directions:

Slowly heat using a double boiler on medium heat or place in a glass bowl and microwave for 30-45 second intervals, stirring after each interval. Once thoroughly melted, you can add additional carrier oils or essential oils if desired, however, the addition of oils will soften the shea butter.

This product can be heated repeatedly, but be cautious not to heat to boiling. Once your product is melted, simply pour into your packaging, leave open and let set, stirring occasionally until it completely cools. Do not cap until product is back at room temperature, this will prevent any condensation on the inside of the cap.

How to Store:

Store in a cool, dry place

Common Name:

Shea Butter

International Nomenclature:

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter

Warning Statements

Not for internal consumption. For external use only.

Pregnant or lactating people or those with known medical conditions should consult with a physician prior to using product.

Technical Specs

  • Color: Ivory to pale yellow 
  • pH: Not measurable 
  • Specific Gravity: 0.89 - 0.91
  • Melting Point: 105 - 118°F


Please note that our suggested usage instructions are intended to serve as a guide. Due to the unique nature of each ingredient, it is important to always research and consult with a qualified professional as needed, prior to use. Usage guidelines can change and you are responsible for adhering to local regulations. EWL cannot be held responsible for any harm caused due to the misuse of these ingredients.

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