Our essential oil blends were thoughtfully crafted by a certified and registered aromatherapist, giving each a unique synergy and purpose.

Essential oils are the go-to ingredient for scenting lotions, oils, serums, toners and balms and are widely used for perfuming and aromatherapy.

Curious about Essential Oils but don’t know how to get started? Check out our Essential Aromatherapy Scenting Guide, or learn how to craft your own signature blend, from our certified aromatherapist, Kathy Steinbock.

*Please note that orders of 25 lbs or more will be shipped in HDPE plastic pails. We recommend transferring the oil to amber glass packaging upon receipt as Essential Oils should not be stored in HDPE plastic. Due to shipping constraints, we are unable to ship EOs in quantities large than 8 fluid oz outside of the US or via expedited shipping.

Download our Essential Scenting Guide