Salts, Soaks, & Powders

Bath Soaks

Who doesn’t love a good long soak in the tub? And bath soaks add to the luxury while also helping keep your skin looking and feeling great! Explore our range of relaxing and powerful salts, soaks, and powders including bath salts, dry shampoo, and body powders. These bulk bath soaks are great for lines focusing on pampering and self-care and can be customized with relaxing essential oils like Lavender and Chamomile for some personalization.

We also have bathing must-haves, like body powder and dry shampoo, so customers can give their hair and skin a break from those soaks. Options like our dry shampoo will help prevent your customers’ hair from looking oily. And when customers want to take a relaxing soak, some organic bath salts make the experience feel even more luxurious. Stock up on our many types of bath soaks so that everyone in your clientele can buy these highly desirable products. With a bathtub full of vitamin-rich water, their skin will look and feel extra hydrated!